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Transsexual istanbul - Hashtag #transsexual_istanbul on Agent Escort
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Are you looking for an escort in Istanbul? Then let us offer you new transsexual services in Istanbul - if you came to Turkey to Istanbul in search of transsexual escorts, shemales, ladyboys, all transgender boys and girls and gays just for you, here you will find the best beautiful sexy transsexuals all over Istanbul escort at your service
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Hi I'm juila 21 years Tunisian trans in Istanbul Welcome to the best world All service هاي جوليا ٢١ سنة تونسية مقيمة في اسطنبول مرحبا بكم في عالم مختلف كل ما تريدون و حتى ما تتخيلون Love Per hour from $200 #transsexual_istanbul Sexy, good suck and have sex. I have a huge potential that will conquer everyone. My body and gorgeous breasts are made for sex. I have a good erection and a big dick. Do you want to play pranks with me? I promise, our meeting is confidential and intimate, waiting for calls. 🔥فاتنة جنسي ومثير مع إمكانات ضخمة ويشتكي بصوت عال. أحب أن أمنح المتعة والعاطفة والمتعة للذكور. قادرة على مفاجأة وتعطي نفسها إلى أقصى حد في ممارسة الجنس. أدعوك للحضور إلي لتجسيد كل التخيلات المبتذلة. سوف تتحقق أي نزوة ، اتصل. 💋💋💋
#istanbul #transsexual_istanbul #shemale_istanbul - Dozens of brochures, web browsing and conversations with travel agents... it would seem that you know everything about Istanbul. However, there are nuances that I will not talk about, and here is one of them. On the streets of Istanbul you will meet a lot of people, including very unusual ones. Those who do not fit into the framework set by society nevertheless try to live in it. Transsexuals. There are tens of thousands of them in Istanbul, you will definitely see them in the city center. But our material is not about them, but about the safety of tourists: how to behave when meeting, so as not to get into trouble? How to deal with possible aggression? How to distinguish trans-violators from harmless transsexuals? Here are some tips that might be helpful to you. The tourist should be aware that Istanbul transsexuals are divided into two camps that do not have contact with each other. The former include people who are dangerous to society, abuse alcohol and drugs, and sometimes engage in theft. But there is another social stratum, so to speak, the intelligentsia. Among the "bohemians" there are TV stars, singers, fashion designers and even architects who are not prevented from self-realization by the tendency to change clothes, but even vice versa. "Positive" transsexuals do not pose any danger, love communication and willingly make contact with tourists. How not to run into aggressive transsexuals? First, avoid dangerous places, especially Tarlabasy. This infamous street is easy to stumble upon while walking around Taksim. It is not safe here at any time of the day, offenses happen with enviable constancy. It is in Tarlabashi that disadvantaged transsexuals live and trade. They can react with aggression even to your very presence. The main rule is to remain silent and try to retreat, not even respond to insults. If shemales approach you with the clear intention of robbing you, calmly give them $5 or $10. Surprisingly, it works. You will not become poorer, but, most likely, you will be left alone and even tell you the way back. As for transgender intellectuals, it is not necessary to go to the wilds of the city to meet them. You will see them in cafes and restaurants, shops and cinemas. Their makeup is less flashy, they are well-groomed, not vulgarly dressed. As a rule, these are people with a profession: many "travesty divas" are engaged in vocals, are close to the television industry and have a rather impressive income, and sometimes they are very religious. Try to be friendly if someone tries to talk to you. You may be asked for advice in a store, given a compliment, or asked what country you are from. Don't be afraid, these people are just very sociable. We do not recommend showing aggression and ridicule. After all, anyone can unbalance, and not just a person with some special features. There is another side of the coin. Drunk tourists very often attack transsexuals themselves, ridicule and humiliate them. Often quarrels end in severe beatings. Don't compromise your well-being by not adopting someone else's lifestyle. If you do not want to run into these people - turn off the street, exit the cafe, just turn away. Do not be the initiator of the scandal, remember that the police will not always be on your side. Approval or condemnation of transsexuals is a personal matter for everyone. Just be prepared that they are on the streets of Istanbul. Always be careful and remember that you are in a foreign country. Do not forget, they are also “foreigners” among us, ordinary people, try to remain neutral, then your vacation will not be overshadowed by scandals and troubles.
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