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Thailand Ladyboy - Hashtag #thailand_ladyboy on Agent Escort
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Types of transvestites 1. Feminized homosexuals. Men who are sexually attracted to their own sex and copy women's habits – in clothes, cosmetics, hairstyle, facial expression. They do not seek to change their gender, they just like to be like women. 2. Parody. Men who get satisfaction from wearing women's clothing often wear only underwear. They are not sexually attracted to men, usually heterosexual. The main pleasure for them is to change clothes. Usually dressing up for them is a job. 3. Transvestites. Men who completely copy the female image, but do not seek to change their body with the help of plastic surgery. When they change clothes, they take a female name, try to feel like a woman, but always remember their masculinity. Thai transvestites usually do not live permanently in a female role, but only adopt soft feminine qualities in their male life. 4. Transsexuals. Men who psychologically feel like a woman. Their biological sex does not coincide with the psychological one. And they will not rest until they completely bring their body into full compliance with the ideas of a woman. Thai transvestites, only after having plastic surgery and acquiring a female appearance in every sense of the word, feel like full-fledged people. The main reason why there are so many transvestites in Thailand is due to the rather calm attitude of society towards people with such deviations from the generally accepted norm (and primarily because of religion - Buddhism). They are considered ordinary, the same as everyone else, do not look askance on the streets and have recently provided the same social opportunities as ordinary (male or female) people, for example, jobs. Where do they work? Of course, a huge number of Thai transvestites who have no means of livelihood are engaged in prostitution, looking for clients in countless bars, restaurants and discos. But increasingly, transsexuals are finding use in ordinary women's spheres – they work as waiters, sellers, administrators, dancers. The Alcazar Show The "transvestite show" has gained huge popularity among tourists - the cabaret theaters in Pattaya "Alcazar" and "Tiffany" are recognized as the brightest. These colorful performances include dance numbers themed around the world, performed by these "ladyboys". By the way, the Thais themselves never call their show "trans", because they are quite polite and politically correct. Below is a list of all transvestite shows in Thailand: Alcazar, Tiffany, Colosseum, Mimosa in Pattaya; Aphrodite, Simon, Simon Star in Phuket; Calypso, Golden Dome, Mambo in Bangkok; Parisian Follies, Stars on Koh Samui; Blue Dragon in Krabi; The Queen on Koh Tao Island; Ching Mai, a Miracle in Chiang Mai. Only tourists consider transvestites monkeys, poke at them with a finger and openly giggle behind their backs. This name ("transvestite show") was invented solely to attract tourists and give the show a special piquancy, although in fact it is an ordinary dance performance. Despite this, it is quite difficult to get a job at the famous cabaret theater, applicants undergo strict selection and receive a decent salary. ✌❤🌹 #ladyboystyle #Thailand_Ladyboy See you soon 🏖🏖 #phuket #ladyboystyle #ladyboy #ladyboythailand #ladyboyphuket #ladyboysingle #ladyboyasia #ladyboybar #ladyboysexy #ladyboypattaya #ladyboylove #ladyboythai #ladyboyshow #ladyboybangkok #shemalelove #sexyshemalesundays #sexshemale #sexyshemales✌️🏊👑 #shemalethailand #shemale #asianshemale
Transvestites at the Alcazar show in Pattaya More recently, the Thai airline "PC Air" announced that, along with ordinary girls, it is ready to hire transvestites as flight attendants, since they are no less elegant embodiment of female beauty. On the very first day after such a statement, the airline received more than 100 resumes from transvestites and transsexuals and has already launched flights with the most successful candidates (since October 2012, it has suspended its activities due to financial difficulties). How to become a transvestite? To go under the surgeon's scalpel and become a transvestite, money and desire alone will not be enough. Here's what else you need: 1. Age of majority (18 years and older). 2. Parental permission for those under the age of 20. 3. Psychiatric examination. 4. Enhanced hormonal course before surgery for 1 year. Clandestine, cheaper, but not legal operations are also common in Thailand. Plastic surgery is a profitable business in a country where there are so many people who want to change their gender, but do not have enough funds for this. Here is the average cost of the components of a complete sex reassignment surgery: 1. Plastic facial correction (using silicone) – about $ 3,500. 2. Breast augmentation - $ 1,500. 3. Surgery on the vocal cords, after which the voice becomes thinner - about $ 1,500. 4. Genital surgery – will ruin the client for 3000-4000 dollars. Transformed men usually look very good and attractive, and compared to short and dense Thai girls, long-legged artificial beauties often have a more seductive appearance. They sometimes skillfully use all women's tricks and put a huge amount of effort to look even more attractive, because by nature they could not afford it initially. Why is it not easy for such people in Thailand? Their legal status is not regulated. Thai transvestites do not change the gender in their passports (identity cards), but only insert a new photo so that they can pass customs control. For the same reason, they cannot officially marry. The life expectancy of transvestites after surgery is significantly reduced. This usually lasts for about 10-20 more years. Taking hormonal drugs does not stop until the end of life. They are deprived of the opportunity to have children. Only really strong-willed and strong people can decide to do this, because it is difficult to overestimate the share of difficulties that fall on the way of transvestites to their dream. In modern society, the attitude towards people of an unusual gender is gradually softening. In Thailand, transvestites are not exempt from military duty and serve on an equal basis with men and women. They also meet among wealthy citizens and even work as TV presenters, emphasizing their "normality". Most of them are very philosophical about their essence – it is connected not only with female sexuality and attractiveness, although this side is promoted in every possible way on the expanses of Volkin Street in Pattaya. They are guided by the desire to be one from the outside and from the inside – and isn't that what every person wants? And don't forget about the simple rules of how to distinguish a #transvestite ..I love the sea 🌊 ❤️ #thailand_Ladyboy ✌❤🌹 #ladyboystyle #ladyboy #ladyboythailand #ladyboyphuket #ladyboysingle #ladyboyasia #ladyboybar #ladyboysexy #ladyboypattaya #ladyboylove #ladyboythai #ladyboyshow #ladyboybangkok #shemalelove #sexyshemalesundays #sexshemale #sexyshemales✌️🏊👑 #shemalethailand #shemale #asianshemale #shemaleescort #Ladyboythai #Ladyboyescort #Massage Few pictures from Paradise beach #paradisebeach #phuketthailand #phuketbeach #loveislove #ladyboyphuket #phuketgirls