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Smiling - Hashtag #smiling on Agent Escort
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EXCLUSIVE! International model and ex-performer in Thailand' largest cabaret show! This gorgeous 1.55m ladyboy is available for a limited time only. Based in central Dubai city center, she is available for in-calls to her upmarket hotel spa, or out-calls to your hotel. Fully-functional stunner - live out your naughtiest desire and fantasies in complete discretion! First timers are welcome! Contact me on Whatsapp for more info. Dubai partially meets the needs of customers in the UAE. The topic of trans is developing at the VIP level - it is an escort service for those who are looking for something unusual for themselves and who want to stand out from the crowd of those who still use exclusively the services of call girls. I would like to note that any transsexual from the VIP escort categories is able to roll even spoiled gays, bi, androgens, even trans ladies themselves can sometimes use the services of such ladies - but usually men who want to try sex with a member, unlike prostitutes with a passionate live member, are much more interesting than silicone. #shemaleinabudhabi #shemale_abudhabi #shemaleabudhabi #massagefullservice #massage_bodytobody #ladyboymassage #trans #transpinay #asianladyboy #filipinoladyboy #sexy #sexyladyboy #smiling #Manilaladyboy #ladyboyfilipino #ladyboyphilippines #ladyboydubai #shemale_dubai #ladyboyuae #shemaleuae #ladyboydubaihotsexy #ladyboymarina #ladyboymassagedubai #ladyboymassage_dubai #fuckanal #manhattanescort #boytogirl #topshemale #Massage_Republic #ladyboymassage #ladyboydubai #dubailadyboy #ladyboyservice #dubailadyboyservice #massage #massagerepublic #NYC_transsexual #NYC_shemale #Shemale_NYC #shemale_newyork #transsexual_new_york #New_York_city_trans #shemaleescort #shemaleNewYorkCity #tsNewYorkCity #shemaleNewYork #USA_shemale #transsexualescort #transsexualNewYork #shemale #shemale_new_york #transsexual #NYC_transsexual #NYC_shemale #Shemale_NYC #shemale_newyork #transsexual_new_york #New_York_city_trans #ladyboy #ladyboyUSa #shemaleManhattan #manhattanescort #Ladyboy #Tsescort #Transsexual #ladyboyuae #ladyboysharjah #ts_dating #bottomdubai #bottom
I travel the world and am currently in the United Arab Emirates offering my escort services to everyone. In sex I love and know how to do a lot. Attracts dominance and foot fetish. Mani Pedi. Petite and feminine Asian trans, I will invite you to a relaxing full body massage with erotic elements, everything is clean, safe and confidential, I have no relation to individual salons !!! Station wagon with excellent active function, I am originally Filipino) • KISSING GAMES • CLIENTS FEMINIZATION • SMOKING IN A GIRLS ROOM • PROSTATE MILKING MASSAGE • CROSSDRESSING EXPERIENCE * BALL TRUMPLING, BALL BUSTING Hi, my name is jamilah I'm an experienced, understanding, funny, bubbly and friendly lady with something extra. Are you looking to meet a convincing trans but finding many timewasters and hairy blokes in knickers? Then why not try a professional service where your pleasure is guaranteed? Drop me an email or call me on the number on my photos. I'm a beautiful CURVY girl in with my own luscious full sets of good hair , natural breasts, girly figure and amazing juicy cock and an ass tighter than Amanda Holden's face after a shit load of botox. . . I also guarantee to get hard and cum wherevever you like.-- just as long as you don't pressure me to- I'm not a robot! If you are very nervous it's only to be expected I was nervous the first time I tried this new way of amazing sex. But the hardest thing you will have to do is just turn up. . And I guarantee that by the end as you walk away satisfied and with a big grin you will wonder what on earth all the fuss about being nervous was about. I have gained a large base of repeat customers due to my unique service in reassuring and relaxing them so they are able to experience and enjoy anal sex pain free (if youlike) and have mind blowing anal orgasms that no genetic female or other transsexual escort could provide. Take your time to read through my ad and see just how I am able to achieve this and give a warm, welcoming, sensual, sexy, high quality experience! Many times gentlemen have told me how being with me is so different with women or escorts as it doesn't feel like a business transaction but more like a genuine mutual sensual fun experience. Many girls speak about how will they give you a good time. But that's all it is; just talk! You want to be reassured that the girl you are going to meet will give your money's worth and more. I know what men want and how to give it to them. This is why you should come and see me if you are planning a first time. It saddens me to hear of clients receiving a rushed painful service from girls only interested in the money. I am more concerned that you enjoy yourself and give me a great a review. I can guarantee pain free pleasurable anal sex. How do I achieve this? Well quite simply because I enjoy it 100%. I am very patient because I get job satisfaction out of making a guy leave with a smile on his face. I don't want to go to into detail about my techniques but the relaxation is also part of foreplay and highly sensual. It has been known to cause orgasms just from this alone. I am very careful in my technique and always check with the client that he's enjoying it and there's no discomfort. I don't use toys to relax clients- to be honest I think they're a gimmick. Plus its impossible to feel how a client is responding to the stimulus of a hard artificial object as opposed to my fingers. Believe me; with the right person doing it, anal sex is amazing and always intensifies the orgasm as the penis presses on the prostate gland. I hope this has convinced you that I am the girl you want to explore anal sex with. Whoah!! you maybe thinking you don't want to try it cos that's a bit gay. Haha not so Sherlock- read on Here's what's up with straight guys into she-males: Some straight guys like dick--I mean, they really like dick. They like dick so much that they want to play with dicks other than their own. But they're straight guys, so they don't want to play with some other dude's dick. They want to play with a dick that's attached to someone who in every other respect looks like a hot woman.... So are you gay? No. Gay men like dick to be attached to men, not women.... You see, very few straight guys into she-males are into them exclusively. They just want to mess around with a she-male, once or twice, now and then, so they can play with another dick. (Didja catch that? I wrote, another dick, not, another man's dick. He wants to play with a woman's dick. Cuz he's straight--see how that works? Even if you don't want to receive anal sex but still want to play with a nice juicy clean thick 6.5 inch cock I am more than happy to let you suck me. I can get hard and cum wherever you like. I love being sucked by a straight guy, its such a turn on. I also love to return the favour. If cocksucking had been a sport at school I would have been captain of the team. I naturally have no gag reflex. I can take a cock into my throat and not only suck with my lips but also with my back throat muscles. As one guy said you suck like a nanny goat. I have B cup breasts with sensitive nipples and love them being firmly tweaked. I like to kiss on the lips passionately (tongues only at my discretion) and lick all over. I am extremely skilled in rimming (this is always at my discretion), lots of people do it badly because they don't know any better. Its not just a case of licking up and down. Its about teasing and applying the right pressure. Jamming your tongue into an arsehole is not sexy and will only make the client flinch and tighten up. So to experience it the right way you need to see me! And if it's your first time why not learn from the best? BDSM PRICE IS DIFFERENT wanna know more contact me now line : mistressjamilah weXhat : hardladyjamilah 😘😘😘 #filipinotranssexuals #philippines #philippines🇵🇭 #manila #pinoypride #pinoytravel #travel #vacation #lgbt #lgbtq🌈 #photography #ladyboys #transpinay #asianladyboy #transgender #filipinoladyboy #chicago #japan #tokyo #osaka #thailand #bangkok #vlogger #vlogging #youtube #photoshoot #transpride #ladyboylover #canada #newyorkcity #asianmodel #ladyboy #filipinoladyboy #sexy #sexyladyboy #smiling #Manilaladyboy #ladyboyfilipino #ladyboyphilippines #shemaleescort
a beautiful tan sunkissed morena transwoman is waving at you i may not be a perfect nor a real woman to be exactly, but my performance will be more than a woman i believe, that it doesnt matter if i have still the genitalia of my manlyhood but we are talking about the pressure and the performance level that i can asure u will be enjoyed satisfied i am pre op orchiectomy transgender woman welling to make u happy satisfied and may ur stressed fade away 🤗🥰 note: im not top im pure bottom!!! what woman can do also transwoman can do note: you can ask but not to discriminate i believe there are still alot of people who are homophobic u can ask anything but not waisting of time from ur shiits always spread kindness in every ways 🥰😘😍🥰🍆🍆💦💦👌🏽👈🏼 always stay safe and more 🍆🍆 to blowwww #shemaleescort #Manila click the link, join the site and just say Hi #ladyboy #filipinoladyboy #sexy #sexyladyboy #smiling #Manilaladyboy #ladyboyfilipino #ladyboyphilippines #AsianTS #ManilaLadyboy #ManilaTS #DalagangPilipina #AsianDoll #BDSM
The most powerful TOP/BOTTOM is now ready to serve you!!! No matter what fetishes you prefer I am ready for you how likely you wants to play? Because if you require such toys well i have it all here with me! Come, let's enjoy the most precious time you have!!! , surely you wont regret. Big loads and tight hole waiting for you !!! You're sexy TS Mistress is now signing on! P.s. Let me help you with all your fantacies! I got all the patience here see you around Thanks🥰🥰 #WhatsApp #971589126016 #trans #transpinay #asianladyboy #filipinoladyboy #sexy #sexyladyboy #smiling #Manilaladyboy #ladyboyfilipino #ladyboyphilippines #ladyboydubai #shemaledubai #ladyboyuae #shemaleuae #ladyboydubaihotsexy #ladyboymarina #ladyboymassagedubai #ladyboymassage_dubai