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Manama vip - Hashtag #manama_vip on Agent Escort
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VIP escort in Manama
I graduated from a modeling school and received a higher education in the capital. I work as a fashion model for outerwear and underwear magazines. I like to travel abroad in winter and spend the summer . I like to meet and communicate with interesting people. That is why I provide elite escort services.I really like to relax in Europe. When I first visited here, I fell madly in love. I myself am from Dubai. I study at the institute and work as a photo model and an escort model. I also go in for sports and have an Instagram account. It is already quite popular with me - over 200,000 subscribers. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
I am a graduate of a modeling school, I became a famous and demanded fashion model after casting for advertising. During the trial, I liked a famous photographer who was on the jury. He invited me to star in a major advertising project. After that, they began to constantly invite me to photo sessions. I have a great figure, well-groomed hair and a sexy body. I work as a fashion model for a famous couturier. Currently I am a popular photo model. I work with fashion photographers, I am filming for magazines and in advertising clothes, and also provide VIP support services. I believe that in a modeling career, it is important to grab every chance that falls out in order to achieve success. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
I have a beautiful and sexy body, which I constantly work to perfect. Therefore, I am constantly invited to a photo session. I also speak English well and can conduct business negotiations. I like to meet interesting people and communicate on various topics. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed posing for the camera. And as a teenager, I began to adore trying on different swimwear. And since I constantly visit the gym and follow my figure and body, then they noticed me, and they began to invite me to shoot for bikini advertising. Now I decided to expand my boundaries and took up an elite escort. This increases my circle of acquaintances with famous people and the number of proposals in the field of fashion. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
I started my career as a first year student at the institute. At that time, I became a successful student of a model school. Once I was invited to a casting. There I won and signed a contract with a brand of a famous clothing line. This is how my career began. Now I have a portfolio of hundreds of projects. My dream is to conquer Tokyo and open my own modeling agency there. I graduated from a philological institute and returned back to my hometown. Here I work for a model escort agency. I often go abroad for various jobs. In my free time I like to read books and work out in the gym. I constantly monitor my figure and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
I am a beautiful, young girl . I study at the institute and work in a modeling agency. I am often invited to photo shoots and fashion shows, lingerie and swimwear fashion shows. I love to communicate and meet interesting people. Therefore, if you are a rich and successful man, then you can order my elite escort services. I have beautiful, long hair and a slender figure. I am shooting for fashion magazines, participating in shows of famous fashion designers, providing elite escort services, and also being the face of several major brands. I have hundreds of successful projects in my portfolio. In my free time, I conduct trainings for young models. I travel a lot and often for work, writing a cookbook where I collect the best recipes from the countries I have visited. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
I really like my city . I love to play sports and keep fit. I have a beautiful body, long hair and a firm stomach. Now I study at the institute and work as a model in a modeling agency, and also provide elite escort services for businessmen and politicians. I was born in Russia, went to a modeling school, and then left to study at an institute . Now I have finished my studies. Here I help businessmen with work moments, providing a business support service. I speak English fluently and can conduct important negotiations with foreigners. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
I have two higher educations and a graduated model school. I regularly take part in photo shoots and fashion shows in Europe and Asia, as well as an elite escort for men. In addition, I constantly keep my body in shape to be sexy and desirable. a girl of medium height with long hair and a beautiful face. The girl has a slender body with a chocolate tan and delicate skin. Parameters - 98/61/95. She has thin legs, a toned bottom and a firm abs. The girl works as a TOP photo model. Participates in various photo sessions in many countries. She travels frequently for work. loves dancing and has a healthy diet. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
A very pretty girl with long hair and nice features. She has a toned figure, small breasts, fair skin and a beautiful smile. She is a student, graduates from the Faculty of Economics of a famous capital university and also tries herself in modeling and escort services. Calling this beauty to the upcoming event, you will make it the best, your guests will definitely like the presence of such a stunning and smart girl. Considers a long term relationship with content. Eye color: green; Hair: blond hair, very long Age: 19. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models
Natural, young beauty, slim sexy body with neat breasts, thin legs and smooth gait - that's what this naughty girl is all about. She develops in the modeling field, collaborates with famous fashion designers, photographers and escort agencies. He knows how to take on any image and feels confident around a large number of people. By inviting this girl to the event, you will transform the atmosphere and delight the guests. Considers a long term relationship with content. Eye color: green; Hair: light brown hair, very long Age: 20 years old. #escort100 #escort_manama #manama_vip #escort_models #escort_girls #manama_models