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Gayporn - Hashtag #gayporn on Agent Escort
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Homosexual pornography, gay porn is a type of pornography that represents the image of sexual acts between men for the purpose of sexual arousal of the audience. The main consumers of gay porn are homosexual and bisexual men, latent homosexuals, heterosexual and bisexual women. The production of gay porn films began in the 1970s, when some studios began to produce pornographic films of homosexual themes for broadcast in so-called sex cinemas - cinemas in which it was possible to have sex. In the 1970s, many gay pornographic magazines were also founded, such as In Touch and Blueboy. Founded in 1973, the women's magazine "Playgirl" also attracted the attention of gay men because of the erotic pictures of men published in the magazine. The 1980s were marked by the beginning of the production of gay porn films on video. Recording on videotape was much cheaper than recording on film. In addition, the proliferation of video recorders has led to the fact that pornographic films have become readily available due to falling prices for videotapes. The video products produced were mostly low-budget and of low quality. The widespread spread of porn films was also facilitated by the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic, as a result of which it became safer to retire at home with a porn tape than to visit sex cinemas.