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#escort #escorts #models #escort_girls What is an escort? An escort for the rich is such a thing, thanks to which a girl can quickly take off and just as quickly and easily fall somewhere on the seabed off the coast of France. How did you get into this business? At one time I was hanging for a very long time. At some point, I got a certain circle of acquaintances. Among them were wealthy men who sometimes would not mind calling their personal pilot and flying away, taking a couple of beauties instead of their wife. There are no special sites for this, these are all fairy tales. There are entire bases or girlfriends who do this, from the club industry that you know: go-go dancers and so on. And you don't behave like a pimp in the classical sense: like, you got a call, you push women to click - that's all. The difference is that here you do not arrange mating, but arrange leisure, expensive rest. Full instruction: a prostitute does not come, who quickly does her job and leaves, but a good girl comes. She usually goes to a good university and has a good education. She must be able to exchange at least a couple of phrases in at least two languages. She has good manners outside the bedroom: she knows how to dress, speak and behave in public. You order her not only to sleep with her - you are not ashamed to spend time with this girl. How do girls become escorts from a good university - MGIMO, Moscow State University? It is always a rumor. For example, one of the girlfriends of her friends sells this: she flew in somewhere, received earrings for 20 thousand euros, five more from above, flew in - satisfied, happy, talked about it with her friend, invited her there, she agreed. And away we go. Why take an escort if there are prostitutes? A prostitute ... she came, worked and left, she has a rather consumerist attitude. And the whore is always visible from the whore. She either looks vulgar or behaves in an easy-to-read manner. And these girls? They are such cute and innocent creatures that you almost seduce them into sex. It is clear that they know why they are going, but nevertheless they always play their part. What it is? She's kind of dating this guy. There are two options. For example, there is some kind of party for which 5-6 people gather. They take 1-20 girls there, and they come off there: drugs, nonsense and, of course, group sex. Typically, you are the organizer and are responsible for everything, up to where they fly. You organize yachts, walks for them, hire guides around the city who will take them and hang out in the same clubs. If any of them like a random girl who is dancing in the hall, you should offer to go with you and persuade her to sleep with your client on the most favorable terms for him. All these are certain bonuses that are a plus for you. The second option is a girl who skates alone. As a rule, this is a beauty for a joint vacation. It's not just that you brought her to your room, home, ... [had sex] and continued hanging out with friends. You don't treat her like a whore. This is the girl who rests with you and plays the role of your companion. I know that many modeling agencies are involved in this. The girls receive an SMS with an offer, for example, to go on a yacht to Croatia for a week - a payment of $ 5,000 minus agency fees. To what extent are girls obliged to have sex in this case? There are "model" agencies that do this. That is, these are real escort agencies. There is a second option: like we have with Dubai. Arab sheikhs often invite girls from a modeling agency - those who like to have fun, drink and everything else. Almost all models like this. They fly there and just hang out. That is, they have real billable time. Let's say an event starts at six in the evening and ends at one in the morning. All this time they must constantly be in the hall, hang out with the guests. If one of the guests "quite by accident" dropped several thousand dollars or a 10-carat cobblestone into the girl's bag, and she slept with him for this, then this is her "hack". A modeling agency in Moscow does not receive interest for this. Here you are a girl. You are 18 years old, you are flying to Dubai and you are in a foreign country where another sheikh is hanging out with you. Where is the guarantee that he will not enter the room in the middle of the night and kill you? There are no guarantees. But no one will work with these people anymore, and no one will fly to them. What other risks are there? Yes, as always, to be ... [beaten] torn apart, killed or something else. Well, these are standard risks. That is, this is the very scheme of rest, according to which Prokhorov once flew to Courchevel: do you order models, hang out, fly away? Yes. Why does the client need it? Boredom. You ask to talk to you from the position of a dude who has several billions: he is absolutely bored and at the same time vpadlu talking, meeting, wasting time. It's easier for him to call and say: "Here's the budget, bring me girls with whom it will be interesting to sit and eat." How much can a girl make from this? The percentage is always 70 to 30. Is she 70? 30 is received by the girl, the rest is received by the agent or the one who brings her. Girls never know the full cost. This is not about cheap, I mean expensive, elite escorts. How the business of escort services works (10 photos) How is the casting going? Before departure, you meet in a restaurant or somewhere else in a neutral place: girls come there, and the client chooses those with whom he will fly. Sometimes an assistant, director, and so on comes. Those that you like are pointed with a finger. The rest - goodbye. How the business of escort services works (10 photos) Do girls fly often? How much can you earn from this? If this is a smart, competent girl, she can cut down in the region of five thousand in one trip. Rubles. That is 7-8 thousand dollars. Maybe more: 10, 15, 20. Are the same ones often ordered? Yes. Were there cases when a client fell in love with a girl and stayed with her? Yes, but that doesn't happen often. Basically, people who order such a vacation for themselves are deprived of any excitement in relation to women. They are already full, married, and they are up to the lantern. This is a certain routine. This is how you brush your teeth every day - and the same way every day ... [having sex] with girls. How the business of escort services works (10 photos) I understand correctly that if you look at Instagram, then a bunch of these girls who have many, many subscribers are also doing escorts? Are they on their own? Yes, Instagram is also a work topic. No, they also have people who sell them. Are these the girls who spend a lot of time in Dubai? Yes, almost all of them are workers. How the business of escort services works (10 photos) Why Dubai? Miami else, Israel. They are where many of our rich rest. Why Dubai? Well, the sea, the sun, the yachts. Fly not far. Why not? How to increase your chances in this market? What is most popular with customers? There's no such thing. Everything is individual, everything is decided at the casting, but in general, everyone loves younger, more boasting. That is, if the breast is small, should it be enlarged? Not necessary. If you are beautiful and you have a baby face, you need to stay that way, because many people like to ... [sleep] with girls who look younger. No one likes to count wrinkles at night instead of sheep. How is security ensured? You are such a very famous oligarch and in the spirit of Silvio Berlusconi you hang out in a villa with a bunch of girls. You don't want to get excited, do you? Since this business is indirectly related to crime, each girl has absolutely clear instructions: no photos, videos, etc. What happens if they break it? Nothing. They'll take them away, bury them - that's all. Because in the event of a leak in the yellow press or something else, they will try to hush it up by any means. Here everyone who is in what is great. But, actually, there are no such fools. How the business of escort services works (10 photos) Tell us why you left? Nerves. Clients are not the most adequate and pleasant people. Girls also periodically mow, for which you get in the neck. For example, she was too drunk, says that she has a headache and she will not fuck. The client gets mad and refuses to pay. This happens when the customer renews the order, as usually everything is prepaid. He took it off for a couple of days, it has been hanging with him for a week, but suddenly she said something wrong, and his roof was closed - and that's it, problems begin. They start ... [sexually manipulating] not only my girls, but my brain as well. Almost all clients are either drunk or high, and it is much more difficult to work with them. And since almost all these people are powerful of this world, it is better not to quarrel with them.
" #Escort_Girls Take Home $ 80,000 " : Former Escort Explains Working in Dubai A former escort named Natalya spoke in detail about how girls who sell their bodies for a lot of money live. As it turned out, priestesses of love can earn 70-80 thousand dollars in a few weeks. “They usually make five thousand dollars a week. Usually the girls took home 70 thousand dollars - the final amount depends on who stayed there and how long. Money was either withdrawn in cash or thrown onto the card. The managers did not go unnoticed either. A girl named Lina - a model from Moscow - took away 200 thousand dollars from there, Yana from Kiev - several million in two years. Yana was the favorite, ”Natalia said. At the same time, escort girls sometimes simply receive money without having sex with the "owner" or his guests. “You don’t have to be chosen. Let me remind you that all types of models are slim, tall. Which one to choose - eyes run up! Only the most beautiful will love each other - there are usually four girls. As a result, it turns out that other female models are taking extras. But these #escort_girls still live in expensive hotels for years and get paid just like that. To stay in shape, they work out in an already paid gym, diet, they are paid to buy expensive clothes. Sometimes they go to have fun - for example, to the desert, where they ride ATVs, SUVs, camels. They dance oriental dances, smoke hookah, ”Natalya shared her memories. Sometimes among potential lovers there are also members of "DOM-2". So, Natalya remembered that one of the stars of the scandalous project behaved immorally, which is why she was quickly asked to go home. “I heard that a rich man had a member of DOMA-2. She entered a secret chat and was selected for the trip by the manager. This was her first trip to Dubai. They put her in a hotel with other girls whom she began to steal, the victims began to complain about them - the managers reimbursed everything, the thief was warned, ”said the former escort. According to Natalia, for ordinary girls, such work often turns out to be a start in life, because they manage to earn a lot of money and even get an education. It is not uncommon for models to receive expensive gifts from influential sponsors. Despite the fact that the escort brought her a lot of money, Natalia decided to leave this business. Now the girl is married and tries not to remember the past. In an interview with MK, she noted that her friends regularly travel to Dubai and that this lucrative business is unlikely to ever close. Dubai_escorts #dubaiescort #dubaigirls
Very beautiful Russian VIP girl with blonde curls and sensual lips. And she has a curvy body with a slim waist and natural breasts of 4 sizes. Such external data, make it insanely sexy and attract men's views. But while others can only contemplate such beauty, you have the opportunity to spend time with her by ordering LUX escort services in America. #escort #escort_girls #escort_model #New_York_City_escort #beautiful #beautiful_girls
Welcome to my profile, my name is Monika. I am a sensual, elegant, tall babe with natural curves and velvet skin. I have a good service and I am ready to share my experience and good mood with you. Only fun parties. #escort100 #escort_models #escort_girls
#dubai_escort #model #escort_girls Gentle and affectionate REAL NATURAL BEAUTY, charming and temperamental. I invite gentlemen for a pleasant and full of joy meeting A cosy and quiet atmosphere will help you relax, and my hands will surround you with tenderness and refresh your vitality. REAL NATURAL BEAUTY! I'm so juicy and delicious berry that you can not refuse yourself the pleasure to try my taste. I possess an unparalleled feminine figure and gorgeous big natural breasts. Just imagine how much bright enthusiasm and pleasant moments will bring you my two sweet hard nipples!
#escort_models #escort_dubai #escort_girls Hello, dears.I am an clean,smart girl,I can speak English and Arabic well.I can offer a pleasurable and enjoyable time for you just like your girlfriend.I am so interesting person and friendly and take my time to get you fully satisfied with all my erotic skills. You will not regret my companionship, I am full of charm, and open-minded to share anything that would make you feel wonderful. I am charming, natural and sexy Indonesia. I like to enjoy my time as well when i am with you which make it feel nice for both of us. So if you are really looking for real fun just like the way you want it then I can do my best.I am sensual, soft and caring nice little girl who can offer mind blowing session when it comes to love making and you will feel the difference. Hopefully I'm is your type to lookin. Have friend for threesome experiences. If you want enjoy real girl friend experience just call me and i will make sure you are fully satisfied. Hopefully I can get some good reviews after we appointmen.
#singapore_escorts #escort_girls #singaporegirls I have a beautiful and sexy body, which I constantly work to perfect. Therefore, I am constantly invited to a photo session. I also speak English well and can conduct business negotiations. I like to meet interesting people and communicate on various topics. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed posing for the camera. And as a teenager, I began to adore trying on different swimwear. And since I constantly visit the gym and follow my figure and body, then they noticed me, and they began to invite me to shoot for bikini advertising. Now I decided to expand my boundaries and took up an elite escort. This increases my circle of acquaintances with famous people and the number of proposals in the field of fashion.
#escort_singapore #escort_models #escort_girls I started my career as a first year student at the institute. At that time, I became a successful student of a model school. Once I was invited to a casting. There I won and signed a contract with a brand of a famous clothing line. This is how my career began. Now I have a portfolio of hundreds of projects. My dream is to conquer Singapore and open my own modeling agency there. I graduated from a philological institute and returned back to my hometown. Here I work for a model escort agency. I often go abroad for various jobs. In my free time I like to read books and work out in the gym. I constantly monitor my figure and adhere to a healthy lifestyle.
#escort_singapore #sexygirls #escort_models #escort_girls Charming, slender girl of model appearance, medium height with a magic smile and beautiful curls. She has a cool figure with exciting tits, a narrow waist and long legs. She works for a large company, and also tries herself in the field of fashion and beauty. She has already starred in Cosmopolitan and Vogue. He does yoga, loves to drive and light up at parties. loves yachts and horseback riding.Goes to fitness, loves to flirt and make new acquaintances.