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Beautiful shemale - Hashtag #beautiful_shemale on Agent Escort
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Beautiful ? Shemale ?
#Abudhabi_shemale #beautiful_shemale
#shemale #shemale_dubai #uae_shemale #beautiful_shemale #transsexual #gay Fulfill your Fantasies with TS Alexa – Filipino #Transsexual_escort in Dubai First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Alexandra, I am a 26 year old mixed spanish - filipino, pre op transgender courtesan, from the Philippines. ( wow that’s a mouthful ?) I am single, college educated, and a bilingual. I am a foodie, an animal lover and an enthusiastic traveler who loves to meet new people. I guess you can say I have always been curious, always curious to try, taste, and do something new. (Wink wink?) . Thats why I think I am a trysexual, I will try anything once as long as its pleasurable for you and me. You can say I am very versatile in a lot of ways, in life and in bed. Life is too short to have limits, if you know what I mean. ? I am 5’7”, fit, and healthy. I have been a celebrated trans beauty pageant personality in my country. Feel free to ask me for my personal pictures which will show you more about how I look. I would describe my personality as genuine, warm, lively, polite and sometimes amusing . I live my life in confident and cheerful fashion full of passion with an open mind, free of prejudices and judgment, always seeking for challenges and experiences. But enough about me, because I’m curious about the person who is reading this... you! Please feel free to share with me the desire and situation that is going through your mind . After all, what counts are your wishes and desires and I’m open to everything as long as our meeting takes place in an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and discretion. As I said, I am versatile to anything and everything as long as its pleasurable for both of us. So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and message/call me and experience heaven on earth. Features and benefits of trance dubai. The main feature of transsexuals in the UAE is well revealed in the term common in the West - ladyboy (ladyboy). In other words, they combine the physical and mental "virtues" of both women and men. This makes them versatile and desirable partners to fulfill any fantasy. Appearance deserves separate words. A great desire and modern means of cosmetology and medicine allow many transsexuals to form images that are sometimes envied even by true representatives of the fair sex. Available in the "basic configuration" high growth, as a rule, is complemented by a sporty figure, delicate skin and complete depilation. Long and shiny hair, expressive eyes, mouth-watering lips and beautiful sexy breasts can complete the look. Agree, only these features are able to captivate the most persistent man. But this is just the beginning. Having, with a sophisticated female appearance, their own penis, transsexuals, like no one else, know how to handle yours. Get ready for the best blowjob of your life and first-class "handmade" caresses. At the same time, if you have long wanted to try anal pleasures, then an experienced trans slut will help you with this in the best possible way, no matter what role you want to play. Most shemales are practicing bisexuals, which means they are well equipped to both accept your hot gifts and reward you with their deep feelings. Thanks to their long-term bilateral experience, you will not be able to restrain yourself while in an active role, and you will be insured against discomfort in the position of the receiving side - even at the peak of emotions, their actions will be measured and delicate. The average prices for transsexual sex services in Dubai are usually slightly higher than the offers of ordinary whores, due to their some exoticism and demand. This allows hardworking ladyboys to provide themselves with comfortable apartments and living conditions, which has a positive effect on their clients and is another plus for this category of prostitutes. But do not assume that their services are not available - you can rent a beautiful trance in Dubai from $500 per hour. Thus, being a forbidden fruit for many, trances offer unique advantages to true connoisseurs of sexual experiments: excellent knowledge of the erogenous zones of a man and increased sensitivity when interacting with them; openness to frequent and intense anal sex, as a host, which is very rare among sluts of other categories; the presence of a truly masculine attribute in the form of a penis, capable of satisfying your most daring needs when a transvestite takes an active role; a guarantee of tenderness and delicacy when in an active position, provided by the presence of personal experience of a passive role in anal sex and, as a result, a good understanding of the client's feelings; enviable endurance, inherited from the stronger sex, and giving strength for sex all night long; high growth and guaranteed beautiful and elastic breasts, which are a pleasant bonus from reincarnation; often, apartments of a higher level of comfort, as a result of income in the conditions of the unquenchable demand for transsexual exoticism in UAE Variety and convenience of choosing transsexuals on the site. The functionality of the site will make your acquaintance with transsexuals simple, and subsequent sex with them will be pleasant. A few tips on how to properly search for transgender profiles keep in mind that transgender is not an orientation, trans people can be both bisexual and heterosexual; pay attention to the role, which can be active, passive or universal; to search for a trans by the exact parameters of appearance and penis, services and prices, area and subway, use the quick filter located at the top of the page at the first steps, do not severely limit the price range in order to see more offers; to save and quickly access your favorite profiles.
I am Tina a BEAUTIFUL TRANSEXUAL, totally feminine, interactive and affectionate, with boyfriend treatment, I can be your partner and your friend, I love to give my best, I give you the confidence and the MOST SATISFACTORY PLEASURE ... I really am MORBOSA #Shemale_Singapore #asian_transsexual #beautiful_shemale #shemale_escort