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Arabic shemale - Hashtag #arabic_shemale on Agent Escort
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arabic shemale
I am Naya from Bidoun, currently in Dubai. I love acquaintance, friendship, travel and nightlife. I hope the one who likes to talk to me will be a clean, good-looking and elegant person, and my number is there, who likes to talk to me on WhatsApp only انا نايا من بيدون حاليا في دبي احب التعارف والصداقة والسفر والسهر اتمنى من يلي يحب يحكي معي يكون شخص نظيف وحسن المظهر وانيق ورقمي موجود يلي يحب يحكي معي واتساب فقط #TRANSSEXUAL #shemale #arabic_shemale