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Russian Young Sexy Beauty - Istanbul
#istanbul_escort She is attractively elegant, and most importantly a cheerful company. If you are looking to find someone to hang around with during the day and take to bed at night, then she is just the right person. Though Italian by origin, Mika has lived in Turkey for most of her life. She attended a prestigious Turkish college and worked in a private concern for sometime before switching over to the escort profession. Mika has expressive black eyes and matching lustrous hair. With a lanky stature, she has the curves that rare in the women you see in streets, and unlike most of them, she is confident enough to bare them at the behest of her clients. Mika has an eye for skimpy clothing, and it suits her contour so well primarily because she has the substance to carry it off. She looks like a diva when she steps out in the open in short bottoms, sheer tops and long boots. She wears the best brand of perfume that leaves a sweet trail behind long after she has left. Needless to say, Mika has expensive taste which is reflected in her attire. The jewels she dons are rare pieces and so are the cloth articles and accessories. The best thing about Mika is that she is always decked up and graceful in all conditions. Even in bed, her see-through lingerie does not diminish the dignity with which she conducts herself. Mika has a beautiful sun tanned complexion with no bikini lines. She has soft supple skin with zero scars that make her a flawless beauty. Mika is assigned to the hotshot clients alone because of her demand among her clients. She normally takes long outcalls where she has to accompany clients in a romantic retreat or business meets to foreign destinations.
istanbul escort
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