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Escorts Istanbul

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Evegenika NEW escort model

It is customary to compare escort services to prostitution, but this term hides a much deeper meaning. Yes, escort girls can be provided with sexual services, but, first of all, their work is a varied leisure, pleasant communication with the client. Even the term "#escort" is implied. How an escort differs from prostitutes and individualists Confused girls and girls from escort services are completely different concepts, although some individuals on specialized sites try to position themselves as escort girls. In fact, everything is very simple. Prostitutes are paid precisely for intimate services. There is a commodity-money relationship, when men just buy themselves sex. Yes, there are exceptions when clients "take pictures" of a girl in order to pour out their hearts and talk to her, but this is rare. And the escort does not initially position itself as a sex industry. They provide services to accompany the client to various meetings, social events, clubs, saunas and even relaxation. These are educated and beautiful ladies who are not ashamed to be introduced to business partners and brought to a restaurant. They can support any conversation, all the nuances of etiquette, they never push. The escort is somewhat reminiscent of Japanese geisha, who are taught from childhood to please men. Not only sexually, but also spiritually. What about sex? Girls who are major clients of sexual services are not prohibited by anyone. We can say that this is a pleasant addition, the completion of the whole "performance", and not its goal. All such nuances are discussed before the provision of escort services. The second difference is cost. Escort is a VIP service and the price is appropriate. There is no special tax - it all depends on the client's wishes, because he can pay not only the time spent with the girl, but also other expenses. For example, buy her a dress for the evening, pay for a spa in the salon, do makeup ... Why do you need an escort? Despite the many negative views on the escort and a whole layer of misunderstandings, misinterpretations and prejudices, the modern sphere of highly professional escorts is constantly evolving. Moreover, it is in demand. An escort can travel "escort with a follow-up". Moral norms and "misunderstandings" will always deter people that an escort is an indecent job for girls of 18 years old. But what do you know about a professional escort? Many escort girls work as models. They have an attractive appearance, good education and erudition - these are not just beautiful dolls, but pleasant companions. A wealthy man needs an escort in the following cases: The protocol of special events requires the presence of the interlocutor in the company, be it a dinner party, a formal reception, or a party with friends and colleagues. At such moments, a busy person almost never has time to independently look for a worthy interlocutor. And then he hires an escort agency. After all, it is known that if a gorgeous woman is next to a man, the chances of a successful conclusion increase; The entrepreneur goes on a long trip. And there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that this is an attractive girl with a good sense of humor and excellent erudition; The rich, who do not have a constant rest, a life partner, as well as time to find it, turn to escort agencies to find a partner for a vacation. Imagine - a luxury hotel, next to it - a beautiful woman, with whom it is pleasant to spend time in any sense; Many wealthy people go to tennis courts, play golf, go to horse races, and so on. At such moments, it is highly desirable to have a charming interlocutor who will become a grateful spectator or even a worthy rival; A man may need an escort even in a nightclub - serious people do not come there to meet girls, but in order to discuss matters in a relaxed atmosphere, to have a good time. A beautiful lady next to you will help protect yourself from unnecessary encroachments on the part of the "scalp and wallet hunters" campaign. In addition, the direct services of accompanying men to meetings or events, such as "Cinderella of All Trades", will help with the choice of original gifts, organize outdoor recreation, etc. It all depends on the wishes of the client! How to get into an escort service? Getting into the realm of an elite escort is quite difficult, but real. Agencies are pretty picky about their models. And it is not enough to have a beautiful face and a chiseled figure. The main criteria are intelligence, education and beauty.