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#dubai #dubaiescorts #dubai_escort #beautifulgirls Escorts in the UAE is a very lucrative job in terms of serving wealthy clients, especially the demand for escorts in Dubai as a source of income. Girls for sheikhs: how the “work” of Instagram beauties works in Dubai “There are certain directories where, among other things, Dubai guys with money choose girls from the CIS. Many escorts have moved there and are now looking for sources of income there. They live in rented apartments for 5-10 people, like our guest workers, for example, in Moscow.” A flurry of indignation in Runet caused a scandal around a crowd of girls without clothes who arranged a photo shoot on the balcony of a skyscraper in Dubai. At first, however, they thought that eight Russian women and even the daughter of the oligarch Maxim Voronin were involved in it, but this was not confirmed. “Diana, Maria, Victoria, Katya, Ulyana, Sofia, Nastya and Yana. The names seem to be Russian, but it is precisely established that there were no Russian buttocks on that balcony. Officially, the girls turned out to be models from a state neighboring Russia, ”Vesti triumphantly stated, referring to Ukraine. One way or another, social networks are gloating that "shameless women" in Dubai have been detained and prosecuted for public indecency. Well, they say, they ended up in a country with harsh Islamic morality - "they will finally understand what the law is." (the girls, however, were quickly released). But for some reason, no one remembers and is not surprised that it was the “highly moral” Emirates that for a long time were considered the main haven for escorts from Russia and the “near abroad”. Participants of the legendary "House-2" openly speak about this, bloggers and journalists openly write about this. European media even call Dubai the world capital of sex tourism. So to scold the captured balcony nymphs for disrespecting the puritanical morality of Dubai is simply hypocrisy or ignorance of the topic. And here's what the experts say. Subscription to Dubai - micro panties Simple logic: the stricter the morality, formally enshrined in laws, the more hidden debauchery in society. So it is in the Emirates, where there are a lot of rich people who are ready to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on exquisite entertainment. Demand is the highest. To ensure it, there is a big business under the brand name "model", which is engaged in sending girls to the Arabs who want to earn fast and a lot. First of all, for obvious reasons, beauties from Russia, Ukraine and other "Slavic" countries of the CIS and Eastern Europe are quoted. They are recruited, as a rule, on Instagram, one of the model agents told KP on condition of anonymity. “They are habitually called models, but they are just girls who take beautiful pictures,” he explains. “Now it’s easy to find new faces: if a girl puts on public display a photo where she is wearing nothing but micro panties, she probably won’t mind a decent reward for sex.” Do you want to know how much it is - "a worthy reward"? The agent named the amount: "In a week in Dubai, you can get several thousand dollars - depending on the exactingness of the client and, let's say, additional services that the girl is ready to provide." Shutterstock A couple of years ago, Instagram even began to be called the “skin market” in honor of the telegram channel of the same name that exposed escorts (it is now closed). Then this photo hosting was literally packed with ads for recruiting girls to visit the "Saudi princes", in Dubai, etc. Such posts were accompanied by the tags "luxury", "chic", "luxurious life," journalist Natalya Radulova wrote in the magazine " Twinkle. At the same time, Instagram, like Dubai, is also formally considered puritanical. But in fact, “it is enough for a girl to have an account on social networks in order to, without even suspecting, get into a virtual casting and, quite possibly, soon receive an offer that not everyone can resist,” GQ magazine later said that he studied the structure of a business escorts in Russia. "If they want you, they will take you" The model agent, who shared his revelations with KP, assures that the work of an escort in Dubai is not something terrible: “It’s just that wealthy people are not averse to having fun, and girls want to earn extra money.” However, GQ wrote that of all the orders, traveling to another country is the most unsafe undertaking. “This means agreeing to sleep with one or more clients every day for a week or even a month without any protection and the possibility of escape (this also threatens to be blacklisted). But the trips are well paid, and there are always those who want to go on such a hot tour, ”the author of the article found out. From the entertainment of Dubai: the chef of the local restaurant feeds the escort. Video frame from Instagram of one Russian "model" At the same time, life visiting girls in Dubai, after hours, is not at all chic, says the author of books on the promotion and monetization of blogs, a 25-year-old public adviser to one of the sleeping districts of Moscow, Ruslan Zakharkin. Here is a quote from his video commentary, which was shown by Vesti: “There are certain directories where, among other things, Dubai guys with money choose girls from the CIS. Many escorts have moved there and are now looking for sources of income there. They live in rented apartments for 5-10 people, like our guest workers, for example, in Moscow.” Frame of the Vesti story about the participants of the nude photo shoot in Dubai / Russia 24 And in 2019, one of the former "Instagram models" anonymously shared terrible revelations with the Daily Storm. When asked whether it was agreed with the girl in advance whether to sleep or not to sleep with clients, she replied: “If they want you, they will take you. You go there to sleep with men. There is an escort that does not involve such an escort, but it is cheap and in the wrong steppe. Those who go to hang out on a yacht are not those girls. Everyone who goes there, basically stays there. They live in groups, rent an apartment and receive orders. They can earn from two to three thousand dollars a day. There they are collected by the manager, and some percentage is given to him. This is how they live. They live and prosper." "Sheiks let our girls go" Another top blogger Lena Miro writes about the dirty ins and outs of puritanical Dubai and the chic pages of insta models. “By the way, about Dubai. It is there that packs of escorts are brought from the fields of the Russian instagram. Contracts are concluded with prostitutes, and, believe me, these contracts provide not only and not so much for accompanying Arab sheikhs at events, ”she told readers in one of her posts. Further details followed: “The sheikhs let our girls go. Yes, they are well paid for this, but the fact remains that in Dubai, “models” are sex slaves, and they do things to them there that a normal person cannot even imagine.” “In general, do not envy those sable eyebrows, plump mouths and diamond alarm clocks on thin wrists,” Miro concluded. “All these are not attributes of a successful life, but signs of the tragic fate of a Russian prostitute.”